Friday, 28 September 2018

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Immersion Assembly

On Monday morning the 23d of july there was assembly in the hall, we all had to line up in a line, when we were all in the line we all rushed to the hall because we were one of the last classes to get in the hall, the first day of every term we always have assembly for what we will be doing for the term, we are doing fitness for this term one of the funny’s part of the assembly was when our principal Mr burt jumped out of nowhere and was dancing to one of beyonce's song called move your body. Team 1 was the first to show what there doing for move ya’ body it first started with mrs Sadler and Mr jacobson talking in the background about what  Mrs Sadler is doing. Mrs Sadler was just showing use How our routine in the night and the morning like eating a healthy breakfast and having a few Stretches before you go to bed but you don’t really have to do it but it’s just a example. The next team was team 2 team 2 was just showing use how to stay fit and them having some healthy food every day. The next team was team 3 team 3 just had there teacher doing some dancing and also eating healthy food like the other team’s. The next team is our team team 4 our teachers were just showing use of them playing hockey with spon’s. Next team was team 5, team 5 just did something called tichi it was really funny because Mr Wise man was doing silly moves from what the teacher was doing. One of my favorite part were when Mr burt was dressed as beyonce so his name was beyonce burt the funny part of it was his dance move it was really funny and really cool. So that was my immersion assembly hope you enjoyed it.  


Thursday, 5 July 2018

move it art

                        This is my art work for this term for let's move it.